hey my blog is almost a year old so I’m doing tumblr superlatives to celebrate!



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  • most likely to trip in front of millions of people (2 people)
  • most likely to get pooped on by a bird (2…
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Comment on the size of a man’s penis and it’s a low blow and a stab at his masculinity. Comment on the size of a woman’s anything and it’s a social norm. 

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This is all the info i have right now, if you can’t read the font it’s Kimberly Murray, 5’4” 115 LBS, Missing from New Haven, CT, if you see her call 203-946-6316. Thank you.
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in skyrim you can eat a bee

you can eat a bee irl if you are not a wiener

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*walks up to a ceramic bong* haha 420 glaze it

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aye so my third birthday on tumblr is coming up on april 26th plus i just reached 24k so let’s do a combined celebratory tumblr awards ya
obviously must be following me (i’ll check im stubborn af dw)
gotta reblog this post & get the word out ye 
likes wont count but you know this already
idk tell me im a mermaid princess thatll boost ur chances 
cutest girls (3)
cutest boys (3)
nicest ppl (3)
best themes (3) 
best urls (5) 
my ultimate fave!!!!! 
i’ll be choosing winners on my tumblr birthday, the 26th so y’all got eleven days to reblog and have a chance to win. good luck loves!!!! xxx
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ok so theres this amazing app called feature points, that literally pays you in amazon and paypal vouchers for downloading apps and i really think that you guys should check it out because its a really simple way of making money, there is more information here

also please use the referral code E9XUL7 for some start up points

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what can i be for halloween which is sexy AND hilarious at the same time…





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It’s a metaphor
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fashion tip

put an unlit cigarette between your front teeth for a fun spring look that screams “it’s a metaphor.”

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church: follow jesus
me: does he follow back?
me: promo 4 promo?
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